Hail Hnybnny

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But go listen at http://www.sanitarium.fm/

Ximek @ Sanitarium.fm

If you’re into skate rock, nu metal, alternative, whatever you want to call it, if you like it, that’s what’ll be on the show tonight.

Swing by, prop your board by the door and chill in our IRC if you fancy a chat. http://www.sanitarium.fm/irc

Ximek @ Sanitarium.FM

Where have you all been? You’ve missed so much! But you can still catch the last half of my show before Digmbot’s Direct Denial of Sanity!


Ximek on The Sanitarium.FM

I’ve got a chilled out session for you tonight, with some acoustic tracks, slower paced and new wave music for you.

Just tune in, have a brew and put your feet up. No pressure.

All starting in 10 minutes.

Ximek on @ Sanitarium.fm

EGX Rezzed is over for the day, so why not come discuss it and listen to some music over at www.Sanitarium.FM

See you all there,


Electricity… what a dick.

Electricity can ruin a station and it can make a show great. So to balance the woes of Lonesamurai, we’ve got some electric tunes for you tonight.

For the next 3 hours, tune in with me Ximek at http://www.sanitarium.fm/ for some rockin beats, dirty wubs and glitchy as an N64 game style tracks.

Takeover the Madhouse

The foolish Poultergeist0 is unavailable tonight and has given me command of his time slot, the takeover begins, NOW @  http://www.sanitarium.fm/


Dancing Digm

Request from Digmbot

What a goon…


Firefly Rewatch

S1.E05 (Safe) - They weren’t cows inside

did they HAVE to add the S1 part? D:

(via atatrathegamer)

Indie Game Show - 30 minutes to go!


Digmbot and I will soon be on-air with more Indie Gaming talk for you to listen to!
This week we have on one of the two guys working on the indie game Toby’s Island, which is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter! Tune in and join the IRC during the show to find out more about this wonderful game. :)

Toby’s Island Kickstarter: [x]

On now, go listen!